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Chapter Three: The Brush Fire Wars
09-01-2017, 01:06 PM,
Morning after the Chaos
Morning after the Chaos
Galactic Senate Building
Senate District
Date: 2920 AOK (Less than a week before New Year Fate)
The Grand Convocation Chamber, also referred to as the Senate Rotunda was filled with senators and representatives from across the Galaxy. News from across the Senate and Federal Districts were both alarming which was the reason why an emergency meeting of the entire Senate was called by the Security Council. So important was this meeting that members of the media were summoned. The chatter in the chamber seemed like a soft roar. Absent in the center of the convocation chamber was the thirty-meter-tall podium of the Supreme Chancellor, the elected leader of the Galactic Republic.
Members of the media spoke about the rouge, misleading reports made by CNN the night before. Currently, CNN’s sound stage remains offline. Some media outlets have accused much of the chaos last night due to that single report. Each holding to the promise that much of the misunderstandings and fake news from last night would be explained. Like the members of the Senate, all eyes were on that missing podium and who would be addressing the Senate, and the Galactic Republic.
Without warning, the center light of the Convocation Chamber was cast on the place where the podium is supposed to be. The floor opened and the podium slowly rose to its proper height. To the left of the Chancellor standing in the position of Vice Chair, Tal Merrick. To the right of the Chancellor, standing in the position of Senior Staff Aide was a sharply military dressed Wilhuff Tarkin. As the podium slowly rose, the chamber was filled with a mixture of applause and boos. For in the center of the podium, the position of Supreme Chancellor, stood Finis Valorum.
He raised his hand and commanded silence,
“Last night, the Security Council gathered for one of its most important meetings in nearly a thousand years. These brave members of the Council hold the mission of protecting the Galactic Republic from all threats. Both foreign and domestic! Last night, they heard evidence that the former Chancellor of the Republic had violated her duty to protect the Republic. Not one occasion, but on many occasions. Her mismanaging of the OPA Crisis as allowed Republic Worlds to become occupied by a terrorist organization.”
He smiled as he searched the stunned faces of those witnessing the speech, “yes I said it. Terrorists, the OPA are nothing more than terrorists.” He raised a hand as he collected his thoughts. “The Security Council issued General Order Sixty-Five. Yes, there were exchanges of weapons fire between loyalists to the Republic and those who were fooled by the Chancellor. However, those clashes were short lived and the injuries were limited. The most serve of these clashes were between a small group of warships over the Grand Coruscant Military Base. There were many deaths.”
He lowered his head, “These deaths were very tragic, on both sides. These men and women gave their lives for what they believed in.” He raised his head, “which is why I am issuing this order. For all those that feel their loyalties to the Madam Syrdash, ask yourself. When you choose to serve the Republic. Did you choose to follow this criminal or follow the Republic. We welcome you back home, lay down your arms and help us make the Republic great again!”
“As for our former Chancellor, my Senior Staff Aide and leader of Coruscant’s defense force cornered the Chancellor’s flagship. Despite the attempting intervention of the Vengeance, Admiral Tarkin had destroyed both the Victory and the Vengeance. While removing this corrupt, this crooked Syrdash, many lives were lost. Admiral Tarkin gave Crooked Syrdash the opportunity to surrender. Sadly, so very sadly, she chose to sacrifice those who followed her.”
“With the Crooked Syrdash removed from power, I have ordered the Senate Bureau of Intelligence to work along with Bounty Hunters to weed out those supporters of Crooked Syrdash. They will do anything to destroy our Republic. These people are dangerous! Dangerous to the Republic! Dangerous to you and your families. You can’t trust them. If you are aware of any of these sleeper agents of Crooked Syrdash, notify the authorities at once.”
“As we move to continue to weed out these dangerous, blind supporters of the Chancellor, we will continue to work to undo the damage that Crooked Syrdash has done to our Republic. But we cannot forget the threat that Crooked Syrdash and her supporters have helped create. Public Enemy number ONE is Unna Chaanu,” an image of Unna having dinner with Graff and Jenna is presented before the entire Senate. Nothing of the image indicated an official meeting. The image suggested a more informal, friendly lunch. “She was the eyes and ears of Crooked Syrdash as they helped create the OPA!”
“Is it any wonder that wherever Ms. Chaanu was, there is an OPA victory. Did she betray the Republic? I don’t know. But we all know what we see,” he said pointing to the image. “Take the loss of Olivan, how many innocent lives were lost and there was Ms. Chaanu, in the center of it all. Would you like to know how corrupt this Unna Chaanu was? She was stealing from the Republic to the sum of hundreds of millions of credits. And this wasn’t the worse of it. These two crooked politicians were planning a wedding for Ms. Chaanu to the sum of over two million credits! Taken right from the mouths of your children. Right from the mouths of your family.”
“I have ordered the reason of all documents supporting these charges to the Media. And this is the reason why this embezzler, this THIEF will be brought to justice! I will put the entire resources of the Republic to find Ms. Chaanu, and apprehend her. Standing here, before you as your New Chancellor, I promise you. I promise your families that this monster. This spy, this architect of the Outer Rim Crisis will be dragged before a panel of military judges and found guilty for her crimes against our Republic. Her crimes have made the Republic unsafe. Unsafe for you, and your families.”
“It is time for leadership to return to the Senate. It is time for order to return to the Senate. I am going to work towards ensuring that no more could some elite corrupt politician like Crooked Syrdash could seize power in the Republic and hold good and innocent people like you and your families hostage. The Senate will begin a new working towards getting everyone back up out of this slump we have all been in since Crooked Syrdash stolen power.”
“But we cannot forget the threat that Crooked Syrdash and Chaanu has created in the Outer Rim. The OPA and their rouge Jedi have been given an ultimatum. Return to proper order of the Republic or face Fire and Fury of the like no one has ever seen.” He paused as he picked up a data pad and waved it as he spoke, “I have issued Grand Master Dooku an order to deal with the Rouge Jedi with extreme prejudice.”
“No longer will you and your families be placed in harm’s way because leaders refuse to act. I will act, I will act for you.” His tone lowered a bit. “I know that there are sacrifices to be made on this long road. We all will have to make sacrifices if we are to make our Republic Great Again. I, and I alone will bear the worse of these sacrifices. The weight of this office rests heavily on my shoulders.”
“But that pales compared to the awesome responsibility of protecting your families, and protecting your lively hood. A sacrifice that I humbly accept, for you and your families. Together, we will rid our Republic of traitors like Chaanu and other followers of Crooked Syrdash. Together, we will deal with the OPA and their Rouge Jedi allies. TOGETHER! We will make this Republic Great AGAIN!”
Thunderous applause drowned out the boos and shouts of ‘Usurper’ as the New Chancellor of the Republic is lowered back down to his office. The entire time he waved to supporters and enjoyed his moment in the spotlight. One Supporter of Chancellor Syrdash went on record claiming that a minority of Senators within the Senate carried out a military Coup and murdered Chancellor Syrdash.
Within the hour, cases of arrests were being reported on by the media. The official story was that these pro-Syrdash supporters were caught attempting to plot a coup. In one such case, three senior aides were observed being dragged from their homes beaten by authorities. Weapons and explosives were also recorded being taken from the three different residents.
One quote that sent a chill down the spine of the Republic was given by Officer Dell Hemn, “We got a tip from a neighbor. Good thing, too. They were just hours away from exploding bombs in the public space. You can never trust these people. They are terrorist and without their Chancellor in power, they are showing their true colors.”
09-28-2017, 10:03 PM,
Siege of Origin
Siege of Origin
Lejár Az Idő Kerület
Date: 2921 AOK
The Shadow Repulse, a Venator Class Star Destroyer, slipped silently and slowly in to orbit high above Origin. As if walking on glass, Duncan stood beside Lysire as they watched this massive warship slipped in to orbit. Its bright lights as well as its red and white markings told all that beheld it, that this mighty ship of war was proud member of the Grand Republic Navy.
“Behold,” Lysire said motioning at the ship. “The true corruption of Chancellor Syrdash,” The great seal of the Republic lit up proudly across the nose of the ship. Abeloth’s forces were hiding in plain sight. The ship held the same markings that belonging to the Chancellor’s personal guard.
The ship slowly maneuvered, turning on its wide wings toward the planet. Tiny flames from its maneuvering thrusters burst to life as the ship slowed and finally stopped in a low orbit over the northern hemisphere of the planet. Normally when a ship enters orbit, it aligns it nose in the direction of travel for its orbit. The Shadow Repulse instead maintained its orientation with its nose pointed downward as it drifted over the planet. As the ship slipped behind the planet and in to the shadows of the world, its lights became the only visible parts of the ship for the moment.
“This is when it all changed,” she said with a frown. “It is one thing to place yourself and those around you in harm’s way. Can you place an entire culture in to harm’s way?”
Then without warning, the ship lit up in reddish colors as its energy based weapons opened fire on the world below. Repeatedly the turbolasers and other heavy weapons from the Shadow Repulse ripped downward causing untold damage and suffering with each new blast. Far below, small blooms of energy indicated the points of impact. For nearly thirty minutes, the ship moved across the world targeting different settlements. As the night sky glowed red, the Shadow Repulse fired its engines once more. It slowly descended to the world below.
Slowly the Shadow Repulse slipped through the clouds and smoke from the fires as it made its way towards a burning village. Through the clouds, tall spires of a great temple slowly came in to view. As the mighty warship continued to descend, the ship fired more at the village causing massive explosions. The ship overflew the village before turning and making its final landing ten kilometers from the outskirts of the village.
“This is our end game,” Lysire said calmly, “this world has no name. However, we have come to call it Origin. It is the origin of all energy. Energy that you have been taught to see as the Force. This world, is where our strength is its strongest.” She frowned as the ship slowly landed. She continued, “Never before has this world seen conflict. It was hidden from Abeloth and her twisted children.” A ramp extended from under the ship. “We brought war to this world so that Abeloth will finally be defeated.”
Duncan watched Abeloth slowly walked down the ramp. The form that she had possessed had a name, and that name was Rose Sheridan. He fell her power surging as it started to corrupt this pure world. Behind her, he saw hundreds of force users. Some he knew were Jedi, others he knew were Sith. All had fallen to Abeloth’s temptations. Two of them, stood out to Duncan. He saw Orchid and her Kel’Dor friend. He knew that the two were deeply in love. He could read the Kel’Dor’s thoughts as if they were his own. Her was called Lotus and she was completely devoted to Orchid.
Abeloth stopped at the foot of the ramp and motioned them to stop. She smiled as she turned to her minions. “Today we shall have the Sword of Ravin,” Abeloth said. “Tomorrow we shall rule the entire galaxy.” With that, Abeloth step from the Shadow Repulse and on to the sands of Origin.
As her foot hit the sand, a loud crack of thunder was heard and lighting flashed high in the sky announcing the arrival of the storm. Duncan felt the powers of Origin surge against Abeloth as the monster’s foot sank deeper in to the sands. Abeloth let out a scream of victory as her own energies continued to corrupt Origin. She took a full step off the ship as she motioned for her minions to hold back.
She stumbled a bit as the world continued fight back against her. She slipped down to a knee as her hand landed on the sands. Her flesh started to burn and smoke started to raise from her body. Finally, she let out a laughter. She rose up to her feet and lunged her arms outward as she screamed, “this world belongs to me!”
He couldn’t help but notice the ripple of energy surging out from that single point. The ripple reached out far from Origin and across the entire galaxy. In that moment, Duncan felt darkness on the raise as light dimmed across the entire galaxy! The balance had been broken with very real consequences. Battles and conflicts slowly shifted as darkness gained the advantage.
Abeloth turned to four of her commanders, “Spread your forces out and engage what enemies you find. I need that village secured by dawn.” With that, more ramps dropped from the ship as tens of thousands of droids started to file out of the ship. Abeloth turned to Orchid and Lotus, “assemble your commands and move on the village.”
She then turned to another force user. A man that Duncan knew was a member of Ariel’s Sith Kingdom. His name was Nerus. “Keep your troops close to the artillery. Protect them with your life!” Duncan knew that the man would fail his mission.
Abeloth and the rest of her followers started to walk towards village. After a few steps, she stopped and turned to one of her droid commanders. “Protect the landing site at all costs,” she ordered. On that she turned and continued to walk away.
As Lysire and Duncan followed the battle, she explained who these people were. “The First Ones, the Architects, the Ancients. Regardless of what you call them. These people are their direct descendants.”
Despite the orbital bombardments, the battle for the village was still intense. While these simple people were hunters, and farmers, they fought back with a fierceness that impressed Duncan. He watched a group of farmers wave their hands and a large rock rose from the ground. They continued to move their hands and the rock twisted and crushed inward on its self. Within a moment, the rock became a large crystal-like stone. Three villagers almost danced and then pointed at the stone.
At the end of the dance, and from the fingers of these three villagers, Duncan watched blue lightening rip towards the stone. Once the lightening hit the stone, it amplified the energy. A powerful electronic wave of energy washed over the advancing droids and their supporting armor. Duncan realized that these people were drawing on the energy of the world and using it on levels he never dreamed possible. Despite their use of these energy, the orbital bombardment had taken its toll on these people.
What didn’t help was Abeloth’s corruption of the world. This limited the power the defenders had access to. This didn’t faze them as rocks flew, fires balls blasted, razor sharp hail fell from the skies and hurricane strength winds blew. What impressed Duncan the most was when a group riding large two-legged lizard rushed forward. They charged the droids, as they created long rods of energy from their bare hands. The rods greatly resembled lightsabers without the hilts. Duncan knew in his heart, he was looking at the origins of the Lightsaber.
These rods, cut through the droids and deflected blaster bolts just like any lightsaber. A wave of force users, welding their own lightsabers halted the counter attack in its tracks. Led by Orchid, the villagers were cut down in waves. These invaders were unstoppable! No matter where Duncan and Lysire walked, the scene was the same. The defenders did their best but there was no stopping death which walked among them.
Abeloth and her minions calmly walked in to the heart of the village. She smiled as she saw the large pyramid and its spires standing against the storm filled sky. Black lighting flashed behind it causing it to illuminate with a sense of eerie dread. This was the world that she had spent her whole existence searching for. This was it, this was the moment that she would bring the entire universe under her control. There would be no one left to oppose her. She started to move for the large pyramid, knowing that this was where the sword was hidden.
However, within seconds, a storm of razor sharp hail slammed down onto her and her minions. Many fell to the attack. Abeloth on the other hand moved her hands to block the incoming shards. Her hands danced across the air shattering them before they could hurt her. Before she could recover from that attack, a powerful gust of wind slammed in to her. The force of the wind was so powerful that it moved Abeloth back as she struggled to resist the force.
Half way up the pyramid Abeloth saw a small group of local warriors led by some woman in a green dress, painted face and a golden head piece. Duncan knew that this woman was their queen, and a powerful Force Bender. Her name was Lara. She had a daughter who was hidden within the Temple named Kitti.
“By all means! Let’s fight!” Abeloth yelled out as she slammed her foot in to the ground unleashing a powerful wave of Force energy in to the ground. This dislodged a boulder and thrust it in to the air. On that she leaped up in to the air next to the rock that hovered just off the ground. With a powerful round house kick to it, she sent it flying at the warriors. A few dodged the attack but the woman in green stood against the attack and used a force skill that Duncan was not familiar with to shatter the boulder in to dust before it could hit the others. Abeloth waited for their attacks, she was not phased or impressed by them.
A man with a pair of hammers rushed forward while bending forward. He spun his arms in a backward motion causing them to slam in to the ground sending massive rocks racing towards Abeloth. He let out a battle cry as he continued to rush forward.
Abeloth waved her hand and the rocks flung harmless away from her. He continued his charge much faster than the others who were behind him. He let out a scream as he swung his hammers at Abeloth. She bent backwards as she watched a them pass harmlessly over her body. As she continued to bend backwards she reached over her head with both arms and planted them. Once her arms were planted, she leaped her legs upward driving her feet in to his chest and face. He went flopping backwards on to his back while she flipped head over heels back to her feet.
Once back on her feet she rushed him while he leaped back up to his feet. He brought both hammers down at her from over his head as she rushed in for the attack. Abeloth reached up and grabbed both his arms at his wrists as she smiled, he was dead and he knew it. Holding fast to his wrists she lurched him forward as hard as she could while leaping upward towards his chest. She drove both feet in to his rib cage while using the Force to increase the power of her attack. His rib cage crushed under the impact causing bones to rip through his tunic and sides. She landed back on her feet as he toppled backwards, dead.
Wasting no time, she slipped to the side as a flaming sword just barely missed her head and upper body. Abeloth saw a woman dressed in deep brown almost red outfit with some type of long fingerless gloves on. She welded a curved broadsword that seemed to be burning as she used it. The next attack from the woman came in fast. Abeloth was faster as she twisted her body to dodge the attack and land a powerful side kick that send the woman stumbling back. Seeing the other three closing fast, Abeloth wasted no time. She spun forward with another kick, this time to the woman’s lower body causing. This caused the woman to double over.
Abeloth continued with her momentum as she half spun to the side of her landing another kick to the woman's lower body. As the woman was leaning heavily forward, Abeloth leaped up and kicked her as hard as she could in the woman's throat. The blow sent the woman flying up and backwards causing her to nearly fly horizontal to the ground. Needing to finish the woman off, Abeloth leaped up as the woman landed and on her downward travel, she slammed her open palm in to the woman's face. Blood shot out from under Abeloth's hand as she felt the woman's skull caved in under the blow.
Even before Abeloth could move from her current stance, a second woman with a pair of swords swung on her. Like the other sword, these two were also on fire. Abeloth was just barely able to dodge the incoming attack by rolling forward over the dead woman's body. Abeloth had made a fetal mistake and she knew it. She lost track of the woman as she dodged the attack. Finishing her tumble Abeloth leaped up back to her feet searching for the woman. The sound of slicing and the smell of burning flesh signaled the successful attack on her. Lightening danced across the sky as the sound of thunder echoed.
Abeloth let out a grunt as she felt the two swords ripping through her body. The moon was fully visible as the light of the sun had become hidden behind the thick storm clouds. Abeloth stumbled backwards and Duncan knew it was a faint to get the defenders off guard. The woman was soon joined by her companions. Behind them, the queen of Origin watched with caution in her eyes. Everyone knew that this attack should have been lethal, if it wasn’t Abeloth.
Abeloth let out a laugh that echoed in the thunder. She moved her hands to reveal the twin red lines where the blades cut her deep. The lines slowly healed before their shocked gazes. Abeloth continued to laugh as the defenders started to move backwards. Instead of taking advantage of the confusion, Abeloth only laughed. She slowly righted herself as she reached for the sky. The storm reached out for her with a pair of lightning strikes. Each hitting her one of her hands, filling her with immense power. “I have reached my destiny,” she yelled.
Duncan knew that Abeloth had reached a power level that no one could hope to beat. Almost on cue, Lysire, turned to him. When we crossed over, we realized that this battle would have to take place. We choose then that the best path would be to split who we are. This allowed each of us to gain in power separately as we plotted out this battle.
Abeloth stepped forward as she reached her hand out towards them. “The sword will be mine!” she said as a powerful thunder clapped right before them as a black lighting flashed overhead sending a shock wave of thunder crashing about them.
The woman with the twin swords leaped in to the air as she screamed out her battle cry. She flew forward as she went on the attack once more. Abeloth spun to the side as she pulled up a large stalagmite. The point of the stalagmite ripped through the woman, killing her instantly. Her lifeless body hung from the stalagmite as blood dripped from arms. Her swords slipped from her grip and on to the ground.
A man with a pike attack as well as the Queen of Origin. The Queen was using energy created fans.
The attack was highly coordinated as the man swung the blade end of the pike at Abeloth while the Queen moved in close with her energy fans. It was a bold and fearless attack, but Duncan knew it would fail. Abeloth was more powerful than these people. They couldn’t stop her.
Abeloth spun as she knocked the end of the pike away with her forearm. Continuing her spin, she watched the razor-sharp fan narrowly missing her face. The second fan cut through her arm. Abeloth felt her arm being removed just below her shoulder. The tail end of the pike caught Abeloth’s leg and knocked her to the ground. The next attack from the man was to drive the tip of the Pike through Abeloth’s leg and in to the ground.
Abeloth leaned forward and snapped the pike with her elbow. With her other hand, she unleashed force lighting on the man with so much power that the man flew backward over twenty meters away. His body pulsated with darkside energy. The Queen moved in for her attack, as Abeloth’s arm had already reattach itself. A fact that the Queen was unaware of.
Abeloth used her renewed arm, Abeloth grabbed the Queen through the force and tossed her like a rag doll through a nearby building. Abeloth reached forward and pulled the pike from her leg. She slowly rose back to her feet as she heard the man cry out, “Királyném!” The man rushed Abeloth with all his anger. Abeloth barely gave him any recognition for his bravery, or stupidity. She took the Pike end, and throw it at him. She guided it with the force and planted it in to this chest. He stumbled forward and landed on his knees. His eyes fixed on the strange invader as he flopped over to the side.
The Queen screamed as she attacked with all that she could. Using her force created fans and her control over the elements the Queen unleashed the power of Origin on Abeloth. The power of the attacks was something that any Sith would envy. The Queen’s control during her attacks would make any Jedi Master proud. She was in prefect balance with everything around her. Duncan realized that these people had to be the ones that first taught the Jedi about the Force.
Duncan watched the two women exchange blow after blow as the storm raged overhead. Black lighting crossed the sky as thunder crackled. It was if the world its self was waging war deep within its own core. In that moment, he realized that that was the truth. The very core of this world was being battled over. Abeloth meant to corrupt this world, and the Queen meant to protect her world.
The Queen leaped up and Abeloth caught her in midair. It was over! Abeloth unleashed a powerful force lighting in to the Queen’s throat and head. Her head glowed blue like a orb as lighting danced over her skull. Abeloth pumped all that she could in to the lighting to make sure that this woman would be dead. Within a few seconds, the deed was done. The Queen’s body went limp in Abeloth’s hands. With disgust in her eyes, she let the body go. It flopped and coiled to the ground at Abeloth’s feet.
Duncan knew, for the first time in Origin's history, the world was without a Spiritual Leader. He also knew that this loss was felt across the galaxy as light siders all felt their connection with the force slip and fade. The flow of Force from Origin had been disrupted as Abeloth’s corruption of Origin was near complete. She turned to the pyramid as a black lighting flashed across the night sky and struck it. Large stones were ripped from the pyramid as dark energies continued to assault the temple. Abeloth yelled out with all her might and darkness, “WHERES MY SWORD!"
10-02-2017, 07:50 PM,
Siege of Origin (Part Two)
Siege of Origin (Part Two)
Clash of heroes and Villain
Lejár Az Idő Kerület
Date: 2921 AOK
“The battle of Origin is far from over,” Lysire said calmly as she stood next to Duncan. She motioned high in the sky, “behold, my Champion!”
“You came all this way, Rose!” Abeloth turned in the direction of the statement and saw floating in midair Urias.
Duncan knew that Urias was standing on the ramp of a cloaked ship. It was an infamous ship called the Star Adder. Duncan scanned the threads that linked these two together. Urias and Rose had been close friends at one time. They had saved each other’s lives many times. Trained against and fought the darkness together. In that moment, Duncan could see their lives play out. The threads that link them were as strong as the ones that linked him and his own brother.
“It is something that Abeloth and her twisted children often pray upon,” Lysire said, speaking of the close bonds between the two. Duncan only nodded as he continued to observe the battle.
Urias continued speaking in his normal matter of fact tone. “That shall be the last life you ever take,” he said drawing his lightsaber and the Sword of Raven. He added, “I swear it!”
It promised to be a very impressive battle as both knew each other’s secrets, strengths and weaknesses. Urias was the only person in the entire galaxy that had the skill to face off with Abeloth and defeat her. This was a battle that had been orchestrated over three thousand years ago. Duncan turned to Lysire as she watched the past play its self out.
He gazed through the threads of time and space to see how much she had guided these events to reach this moment. It was a gamble that she was making in Urias. If Urias failed, then Abeloth would have the Sword of Raven and the corruption of Origin. Nothing would be able to stop her from ruling over the entire galaxy. Duncan watched Urias leap down from the cloaked ship and in to legends.
Even before he landed, Abeloth reached out through the force and hurled several rocks at Urias. His blue lightsaber spun with a quickness. Each of the rocks turned in to bits of dust and harmless pebbles after being deflected by his lightsaber. Urias landed next to her at the same time he unleashed a series of attacks that forced her to yield ground. There was a reason why Urias was one of the best Weapon Masters in the Order. His attacks were relentless and powerful. Each was focused on a precise moment and place where she was forced to defend.
Despite his skill and power, Abeloth was more than a match for him. The two exchanged attacks for almost five intensive minutes before withdrawing. Duncan was both impressed and terrified at the power on display. It was the power of Raven on display. The power of one of the strongest Force Users to ever live. Duncan knew that this power flowed through him and his sister as well.
In Urias’ eyes, only rage glared back, “I swear your evil ends today,” he pledged as he renewed his attacks forcing her to yield more ground. “Even if I must drag you to hell, myself. I swear it, Rose.” He seized the opportunity to deliver a powerful side kick in to her chest. The blow sent her backwards nearly two meters as she landed on her back.
Knowing how dangerous she was, he shifted in to a defensive posture. A new force made its presence known across Origin. High above the battle a bright blue flash of lighting filled the sky as the thunder clapped. At the same time, lighting flashed in Urias' eyes. The sound filled the area with such a booming sound that it caused others to draw their attention to the battle that raged in the village center.
Abeloth recovered far quicker than Duncan would have guessed. She kicked her feet in to the air and flipped herself back on to her feet even before Urias had shifted his stance. Duncan realized that had Urias followed through with the attack, he would be in a disadvantaged position.  At the base of the large Pyramid Temple, two combatants sized each other up as the battle for Origin’s soul continued.
Abeloth charged him, then fainted. Urias could see through the faint and blocked her attack with the Sword of Raven. His counter attack was blocked as he spun to the left and used the sword to remove her right arm. He knew better then to be distracted by the wound. He didn't watch it turn to a black mist and reform on her body. Instead, he spun to the opposite direction and used his blade to block her kick. Abeloth attempted a leap kick which was blocked. This forced her back to plot out the battle.
They glared in to each other's eyes for a moment. It was then that a smile crawled across Urias’ face, “looks like you’re off your game, Rose.” he taunted her. “What’s the matter? Spreading yourself thin as you attempt to corrupt this world.” He glanced from left to right, “Rose, this world isn’t like the others you have corrupted.”
“Don't worry about my prime, old man,” she said coldly. She followed his eyes, “and don’t worry about this world either,” she laughed. Her voice labored, “this world will be corrupted, like all the others.” Abeloth shifted her stance as she once more sized up Urias. “Remember Orchid,” Abeloth said buying time, “She’s here as well, as is her dark apprentice.” She smiled as she pulled out a communicator, “Shall I call them for a reunion?”
Urias met her smile with his own. His voice filled with confidence and the hint of laughter exposed his plan, “Oh, I am sure they have their own hands full.” On that, Abeloth became the prey as he added, “I brought the whole gang!” Urias started to pace around her like a predator. “Face it, Rose, you can’t hold your grip over this world and spare enough energy to battle me,” Urias explained with a smile.
Without warning a bright red lightning bolt crashed across the sky with a loud thunder. The amber light from the lighting cast a reddish glow over the two combatants as they paced around waiting for that moment to launch their next attack on the other. On a metaphysical plane, as powerful energies clad in blue, red and black clashed for dominance of Origin.
From a roof top, Duncan and Lysire watched Orchid and Lotus were sweeping the village far to the north of the village center. They had just linked up with a group of droids and minions as they felt the tide of battle shift from their favor. From the perspectives of Orchid and her followers, Abeloth had just engaged the Queen of Origin. This world had been a place that Abeloth had long searched for. The source of all cosmic energies, would give Abeloth all the power she needs to conquer the universe.
Orchid couldn't help but smile as she and her forces just dispatched a larger group of defenders. She had taken such pride in the way she personally killed a group of their warriors. Duncan had watched with great sadness as Orchid stood before one while he begged for his life. Without mercy, Orchid killed the wounded warrior. Now nothing stood between them and the northern part of the village.
As they moved on their objective, the storm overhead changed. Orchid stopped and gazed up at the storm as blue lighting flashed overhead. She watched the storm overhead with both a sense of awe and concern. There was more to this storm than met the eye. “I don't like the change in these winds” she said with concern in her voice to Lotus.
“You should trust in our Mistress more,” one of their minions said coldly. He frowned at Orchid as he spoke. Duncan knew that many of the minions both fear, envied and hated Orchid. For whatever reason, she had the complete love of their Mistress. Because of this, she was their Mistress' favorite. Orchid enjoyed privileges and received all the most important missions. Despite being bested by Auro and his group time and time again, their Mistress still held Orchid as the favorite. It was this bitterness that was something that Orchid had to face each day. It was a rare glimpse in to Orchid that Duncan had not considered before.
Orchid didn't reply to the comment as she looked at Lotus who only shrugged her shoulders. Lotus knew that the other minions hated Orchid for her talents and place with their Mistress. Lotus knew that if any of them had a chance, they would betray Orchid and murder them both just to take that place. Lotus was here for Orchid and she would rather die than see anyone harm her. Neither of them cared for the drama that ran among the minions. Instead, Lotus pointed to a building that she sensed held villagers, “take the group and check out that building,” she ordered the minion who had interrupted her conversation with Orchid. She added, “kill all within!”
The man’s face twisted with anger as he waved his lightsaber to signal the group forward. The group of minions followed the man with their weapons out. They crossed the large street as they headed for the building. Everyone could feel the fear that consumed the villagers within the building. It promised to be an easy victory, and the minions knew it. For as much as Duncan wanted to intervene, he knew he couldn’t. He stood on that roof top and watched as the minions entered the building.
Within moment, the sounds of women and children screaming filled the street. It was nothing short of a slaughter. Within moments, the deed was done. After the last scream faded from memory, the minions started to gather outside the building. Just as they started to make their way back across the street, the center of the street erupted and filled with cloud of dust and dirt. Duncan felt the power of the darkside in motion. He felt that this power was of an ancient bloodline. He watched the new combatant land in the center of the cloud.
The angry man leading the minions motioned them towards the new threat. The cloud persisted despite the winds. Lotus and Orchid both sensed the danger as they took a step back. The minions circled the dust cloud as they readied their weapons once more. It was clear that they intended on attacking this new threat. It was just what this new arrival wanted, and Orchid and Lotus knew it. Lotus screamed out, “NO,” but it was too late.
The group of minions charged in to the dust cloud and combat was joined. High above, Duncan and Lysire watched the battle unfolded without hindrance. Duncan watched the battle unfolding with ruthless and cruel precision. The battle was fierce and largely one sided. Despite the minions being powerful, they couldn’t stand up to the power of this new arrival.  
As the minions were being cut down with such speed and anger, Lotus and Orchid looked at each other with fear in their eyes. Orchid started to step away from the cloud of death that had consumed her forces. As the sounds of death finally faded, the two darksiders turned their focus back to the cloud of death and dust. Within moments a figure stepped forward through the dust. It was large and menacing, and Orchid let out a sigh of relief when she identified the being as being Crayl. Crayl, a Feeorin, and former follower of the Sith Queen Arial, was now a loyal minion of Abeloth’s. He stepped from the cloud then stumbled and fell to the ground.
Duncan watched with great expectation as a long figure slowly rose up to a standing position. The cloud slowly started to be blown away by the hot arid winds of Origin. The figure had reddish hair that hung fall below her shoulders. A large floppy bright red hat, with a long yellow feather adorned her head. She wore a matching red long coat, who’s tails were blown by the wind. Her bright red saber hummed and casted a demonic glow over her face. Duncan knew that this woman was Arial, a powerful and well known darksider. He also knew that it was only because of Abeloth’s corruption of Origin, that allowed her to have access to all her powers here.
Once more, red lighting flashed overhead as more thunder clapped. “What’s the matter Orchid? You look like you have seen a ghost.” Aral said coldly and methodically.
Orchid shifted back in her stance as she glanced at Lotus. Alone, Orchid knew she was no match for Aral. They had crossed blades many times before. But everything was different now. Now she had access to Mother’s power and the corrupted energies of Origin. “Ghost,” Orchid questioned, “no…..not yet” she laughed. “But I am not finished yet.”
Arial smiled, “we will see about that,” and in a daring almost insulting move, she lowered her lightsabers and deactivated it. “I still remember how you sold my sisters in to slavery,” Arial said speaking of Anastasia. Duncan could feel the rage and anger flowing through Arial as she gathered her strength. It was clear that these two powerful beings had a history filled with deep emotional feeling. Yet there was more than just hate and anger. Duncan sensed her control over these powerful emotions. She had truly become a powerful Sith Lord. “I told you, I would have my vengeance.”
Duncan found it surprising that Orchid failed to sense the control that Arial was employing. They both were relaying on the fact that Arial was well known for her lack of control. Something had changed, and these two minions of Abeloth failed to detect it. Duncan turned to Lysire, “was this you’re doing,” he asked speaking of the control Arial had. Lysire shook her head, “No, this is a product of her own doing. She had fulfilled her strongest desire, to become the True Queen of the Sith.”
Duncan had little else to do but nod his understanding. He turned back to the two minions and watched them during this face off. Their inability to sense the change in Arial would be their own undoing. Orchid didn’t look at Lotus as she sent a telepathic message, ‘lighting.’ Instead, her gaze was fixed on Arial. “Really Arial,” Orchid said joking, “Annie made such a good slave.” It was clear that Orchid was trying to provoke Arial’s anger. “I heard that she was so good that she was passed around the Bounty Hunters.”
For her part, Arial bluffed her emotions to fool Orchid. A trap that both Lotus and Orchid were walking in to. Arial gripped her hands as if she had allowed her anger to consume her. Her eyes narrowed as she focused in on Orchid, “I am going to kill you and your little slut,” she promised.
Orchid mistakenly sensed the time was right, as she smiled. “Didn't she get knocked up. What ever happened to her bastard child. Sold as a slave I bet?” Orchid watched as Arial’s face continue to twist in anger. It was a masterful bluff, and Duncan sensed the danger that Orchid and Lotus were walking in to. Orchid didn’t look at Lotus as she raised her hands towards Arial and yelled, “Lotus, NOW!” The pair unleashed their full power of darkside energies in the form of a pair of bluish lighting. The powerful bolts reached out towards Arial. Duncan noted that the two minions drew their powers from Abeloth as they poured as much energy as they could in to the twin bolts. The sounds crackling energy filled the area as the twin lightings converged on Aral.
Arial stepped back and drew in a deep long breath as she focused her anger and rage in to her action. She raised her hands as she prepared for the coming attack. As the twin bolts converged on her, Arial summoned up the darkside of the Force. Arial drew in the bolts of energy in to her hands as she allowed the darkside to wash over her. She drew upon the energy to heal her wounds that she suffered from battling the other minions, the rest she allowed to pass in to her over her without harm.
Like a great battery, Arial channeled the energies through her body. By sheer force of will she commanded the power within her to her bidding. She felt the energies pulsating through her like a great nova waiting for the moment to explode. Arial drew upon all of her will as she continued to exert her control over the energies being pumped in to her. After a long moment, finally the twin bolts of energy stopped. Orchid and Lotus were both drained from their attack.
Arial smiled as she felt their lighting attack come to an end. Her eyes glowed reddish yellow as she glared at Orchid. “Now, let me show you the true power of a Sith Lord!” she said as she raised her hands in the direction of the two minions. With no further warning, she unleashed her own dark energies. The two attempted to deflect the incoming attack, but failed. Not only did Arial catch both Orchid and Lotus in the attack, she also caught the droid behind them. She allowed the energies that she had captured from the first attack to flow through her now.
Arial smiled as she lifted them all in to the air with her lighting. She never felt in so much control before. Her hatred for Orchid powered the lighting even more than normal as she continued to draw on the powers of the dark side. Aral could feel the power of the dark side surging through her. This place gave her such a connection that she never experienced before. She watched as droids popped and explode from the massive amounts of energy she was pumping in to the lighting effect. Duncan watched the show, knowing that the flow of power was as much Arial as it was the effect of this place. It was a troubling revelation that benefited the cause in this moment.
Both Orchid and Lotus screamed out in pain as they were hovering in midair from the lighting. Arial didn't know Orchid’s new little slut but she knew Orchid all too well and this was pay back for everything she had done to her and her sister. Her senses were keen as she felt the presence of minions nearby. Arial took a step forward as she shrugged her shoulders forward sending the group flying.
It wasn’t out of pity, Aral needed her focus on dealing with the attacker rushing up behind her. Without further hesitation, she dropped forward and rolled. The blue lightsaber passed by, right where she was standing. The fallen Jedi had swung wide and overestimated his attack. As Arial, completed her roll, she flipped her lightsaber from her belt and activated it pointed behind her. The red blade of the saber pierced through her coat and burned in to her would be attacker. She heard a male voice grunt as she knew she got him. And like that, former Jedi Master Kelave Mernerd was no more.
Without any pause, she ripped the saber for the dying Jedi Master as she rolled to the side. The maneuver allowed her to dodge a second saber attack from a Twi’lek dressed like a Sith. The Twi’lek brought his saber down with all his might. Arial completed her roll and flipped to her feet. She smiled, “Virlic!” Arial laughed. The Twi’lek didn’t respond as he tried to kill her. Arial sidestepped the attack and brought up her own saber. The attack split him up the middle.
Searching the scene of burned and smoking droids, Arial scanned for Orchid. “Oh, don’t make me come looking for you, Orchid” Arial screamed
Stepping over a chared droid she heard the lightsaber before she saw it. Aral spun using her own lightsaber to block the attack from Lotus. She was surprised that the little slut didn't run away. Aral moved rapidly swinging her blade blocking the second attack from Lotus. “Too bad you must die, you would have made a great apprentice,” Arial said blocking another attack.
Lotus laughed, “You don’t say” as she parried Arial’s attack as she pressed her attacks.
“Oh yeah, I find I am in the market for a new one.” Aral said as she continued to block the rapid attacks from Lotus.
Lotus continued to attack with her lightsaber but to her surprise Aral wasn’t giving any ground. From over Lotus' shoulder, Aral saw a large volume of fire coming from the other side of the city. She knew that was where Annie and her droids were dropped. She couldn’t help but to smile as she knew that their plan was working.
Duncan and Lysire turned and walked towards the battle across the river. They watched as a group of droids were working their way across a nearby river. Just as the droids were reaching the far side of the bridge three objects fell from the sky. The lighting fleshed over head in a range of colors. Before them, the droids saw a cowboy dressed droid that looked allot like a Bothan. It wore a cowboy hat, leather duster and chaps. In its hands it carried multi-barreled weapon. On its back was a light repeater and a pair of heavy blasters on its hip.
Beside him stood two heavily modified destroyer droids. As the three droids readied for battle, all three of them activated their shields. Behind them a lengthy red headed female landed with the use of a jetpack. She carried a blaster rifle, but the goggles on her head indicated her tech background. As she landed, she activated her own personal shield. She smiled, “you know Steven, I really believe we can win this war!”
The Bothan style droid looked up at them, “This kind of war, you've gotta believe in what you're fighting for.” It was one of Steven's favorite sayings and Annie loved it. She made sure that her prized droid had all of Steven's logs entered in to his memory banks. It helped him be more like Steven.
Just after his statement, the four unleash a heavy volume of fire that cut the droids down by the dozens. The four started to move forward pushing the invading droids back across the bridge. The sustained fire from the three droids was intense and more powerful than those of the invaders. Annie let out a joyful yell, “we got them Steven!” Thanks to the massive cover fire, Annie could pick off prime targets. Together the three droids pushed the invading droids back across the river.
With the bridge was finally secured, Annie moved from her cover on the near side of the bridge. She leaped in to the air, using her jetpack to reach the other side of the bridge. Her light armor looked used and run down, but that was far from the case. Her highly modified armor and helm worked to bring out her strong advantages while giving her a good level of defense. A Bothan minion leaped from the shadows with his green lightsaber. He swung it at Annie with hopes of ending the tech’s life. His weapon impacted her armor and the blade crackled, popped and deactivated.
Annie smiled as she turned to the fallen Jedi. His stunned expression was enough to tell Annie that she had his complete attention. On her visor, her eyes glanced over a command to her hounds. Within seconds, a pair of heavily modified attack dog droids attacked the Bothan from behind. Using their combined power, the two droids dragged the Bothan to the ground as they continued their attack on him. This freed Annie up to continue the battle for the bridge and the village beyond. Annie motioned to her droids, “We got them on the run! Let’s keep up the pressure!”
Just as Annie was marshalling her droids forward, she heard an urgent call for help. “Annie, I need some help,” Falynn's frantic voice filled Annie’s ear piece. Annie turned to her hounds as the sounds of screaming faded. She smiled to them and nodded. “Annie!” Falynn’s voice came back over the commlink. Annie turned as she scanned her battle area. The droids advance was broken, but they would regroup. More pressing was the group of minions that were advancing on her location.
Annie activated her commlink, “Fa, I am really tied up right now. I will try to get to you in a few moments,” Annie said as she considered her opinions.
Duncan and Lysire shifted over to where Falynn had landed. Her location was just outside of the village on a nearby ridge line. Falynn had landed with many Annie’s modified destroyer droids. From this ridge, they could lay down massive amounts of heavy fire at the invader’s rear units. Those heavy artillery pieces were prime targets to Falynn and her forces. The droids would do all the work, all Falynn had to do was help protect the droids from a counter attack.
With her droid were making short work of Abeloth’s support units, that was when Falynn got in to trouble. A group of invaders supported by their own droids plotted a counter attack. Falynn’s lines held long enough for her unit to do their job, but they did break. It wasn’t long before the droids destroyed each other leaving only Falynn and two darksiders. Duncan and Lysire watched as Falynn fought off her attackers. She was forced to face off with a pair of darksiders. Former Sith to Arial, these two had made it their mission to kill Falynn for her attack on their position.
She called upon the force to aide her in the battle. However, her blade skill simply wasn’t on par with theirs. She fought desperately, and got lucky to kill one of them. But the last remaining Sith was going to drive her to exhaustion. His attacks were relentless and powerful. Each time they he attacked, the blow was so powerful that it nearly knocked her off her feet. She fought hard to bring her weapon back up so to regain her defense. It wouldn’t happen, as he spun a kicked her in the chest. The kick knocked her off her feet. He pressed his advantage as he kicked her weapon from her hand.
Duncan felt the sadness in Falynn’s heart as she looked up at the man who was about to claim her life. Duncan knew that that sadness was for her own death. But for the child that she was leaving behind. It was a moment of weakness that allowed her to reach deep in to the darkside. But she refused to accept its temptation. She knew that her child would be safe with her sisters.

Duncan saw in that moment, a flash of Falynn’s history. She had asked Arial and Annie to raise her son, should she fall in battle. She trusted her sisters with his life, and in that she could let go and accept her fate. Duncan felt her sadness fade as she closed her eyes and accepted the death, as he read her mind. ‘My son….my joy……’ The sound of the lightsaber hummed as it was brought down towards her.

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