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Ambush in the Temple OOC CHATS
08-12-2017, 07:21 PM,
Information  Ambush in the Temple OOC CHATS
For any future conversations regarding the Ambush in the Temple Game Event Post.
08-12-2017, 07:53 PM,
RE: Ambush in the Temple OOC CHATS
I didn't wish to engage, my action was to get dropped off at the temple and find Unna
08-12-2017, 08:19 PM,
RE: Ambush in the Temple OOC CHATS
Thank you for the comments.

It's not declaring action for the game. But only stating what the characters are doing at the moment the game starts and when they will have the ability to enter melee combat.

Of course, character (with the exception of Duncan) can decide to do something else. This doesn't change when they will be able to enter melee combat or drop on to the roof (depending on who is doing what). Bare in mind, this is only to help you guys understand who is where and what was the last actions they declared.

Ashla, you can easily get to the roof and go search for Unna once you guys reach the roof top.

If there is a particular line you find bothersome, please tell me.
08-12-2017, 08:29 PM,
RE: Ambush in the Temple OOC CHATS
Why did you choose the droid flown taxi instead of the Corescant air taxi? listed in the core book, especially when I said Gadeon was jumping into speeder with a driver. also space combat "squares" are 10x larger than ground combat squares, page 211 in table 11-6 core.
08-13-2017, 09:54 AM,
RE: Ambush in the Temple OOC CHATS
I grabbed that taxi only because it was the only four seater in the books that was a civilian craft. It really doesn't matter to me which civilian speeder you guys are in. I only posted that as a simple reference. You are more than welcome to jump in to a Corescant Air Taxi. Or anything else.

As far as the space combat "squares" that's fine. Again ranges were used only as references because it was brought to my attention that characters in the speeders had an action prior to getting in to melee with the darksider. So I wanted to give them a chance to do something at range.

In short I wouldn't stress these two things as I am very flexible on both issues. My most important goal is to maintain both the structure and the general setup prior to the start of the game.

Which brings me to my next topic. It was asked by Unna "What about Unna, Cox, and Bay" via text. (Guys I don't mind fielding questions. Please post them here so that I don't get the same question asked more than once.

So guys, here are some pics to help everyone really understand the given situation.



Sorry these images are not really up to par, but this is the best I could find that works to give you the information you need. Noticed that the Contemplation Gardens are actually huge, they appear to be on both sides of the Temple and I wouldn't be surprised if they are a ring around the entire upper level of the main structure. Look closely at the corridor to the right of the gardens (focusing on the right side of the image, and left of the actual wording 'Holographic Training Area" NOTE: I am going to say for the sake of simplicity that this is the origins of Bay's training bots) This corridor is where our battle is taking place at.

Now please take a look at the second image. You will see a long two story corridor. For the sake of combat, I am going to say that both sides of the corridor are identical. The ceiling of the corridor is made up glass (which has been shattered during combat. This means that characters can move freely between interior and exterior.) The corridor is total 26 meters high and 130 meters long.

Now to the question at hand.

Bay is the easiest to answer. Bay is safely tucked away back at the dinner. Controlling the training droids. (Bay, please refer to Power of the Jedi Source book, pages 57-58 for your remotes. These are Training Remote (Marksman-H) It is important to note that these things can be set to deal wound damage! If you have any questions please post them here.

Unna and Cox (along with the surviving Temple Guard and two Antarian Rangers) are currently near the far end of the corridor (for the sack of this description the image reflects looking at Unna and Cox's position. They are 32 meters from the archway.

The supporting allies next to Unna are (I am going to allow Cox, to control these allies)
two Antarian Rangers (High-Level Elite Trooper: Core Rule Book page 346)
Temple Guardian (Mid-Level Dark Jedi Guardian, Core Rule Book page 344, yes I know its a Dark Jedi, but for simplicity sake, it makes a good fit for a Temple Guardian. Just ignore any hint of the dark side. Please feel free to ask, if you wish to swap out something that doesn't make sense.)

Cox, your group has one unused action from the moment you arrived. So while you can't see the combat, you can have the three supporting allies act in turn one. For you and your group, Orchid has just leaped upward. Your action ended, sounds of combat and the Kel Dor has fallen back to the main level, dead. And at this moment is where your unused action will take place (So please make sure you roll at the first initiative roll).

It is very important to note that the current combat is taking place above and less than ten meters off of where Unna and her group is currently located. Meaning the faceless body of the Kel Dor landed Just over ten meters from where Unna is currently located.

It has been asked about who can role initiatives when. While I can not say who is doing what at any given moment. The set up is only to state where everyone is at the beginning of the game. Do not mistake this. At the beginning of the game, you can (if you wish) roll initiative and join the order. I highly suggest that even if you don't have an action, roll anyway. If you don't roll, and change your mind, you will be placed at the very bottom (last) of the order (regardless of your action, desires or speed).

Again, I ask everyone to please follow this conversation and post your questions. I want to make sure that there is no confusion going in to the next game. Personally, I shy away from combat. I very much dislike splitting combat between two or more games. So ensuring that there is no confusion is very important.
08-13-2017, 10:57 AM,
RE: Ambush in the Temple (Game Event: 08-18-17)
Mike, since she and I are appearantly on the roof. Is there something I can use to throw at her with move object?

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